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It symbolises the act of sending or receiving information, and in our case this means sending audio visuals for LiveStreaming. There is something nostalgic about paper planes and something challenging about folding a humble piece of paper that will really go the distance, but lucky for you, we're pro's at this LiveStreaming business.
Alistair Lambie – Owner of
Alistair's passion for sound started in 1979 when he started working for Rhema Broadcasting.Building componentary, programming and problem solving on a regular basis soon landed him in the computer industry for 25 + years. Wanting something new and challenging he then decided to go back to his original passion and start up Lampros Sound (Sound & Lighting Company). Further, he realised that the demand for the LiveStreaming or broadcasting of events was increasing and as a company, the team at Lampros Sound had all the necessary production skills to provide a professional Event Streaming platform.
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Adele Lambie – Crew Manager and AV Manager.
Adele has been at overseeing many areas such as running full AV set ups, vision mixing, video editing, along with any jobs that include our crew and subcontractors. As long as she has had her morning coffee you will probably find her at our Wellington warehouse.
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Annelise Goodwin – Sales Manager.
Annelise is our Sales Ninja. If you have any questions about gear and pricing for sound or production installs, she's your girl. Annelise got into the industry straight out of high school and has never looked back.
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Heath Clapperton – Hire Manager and Sound Engineer.
Heath is the King of our hire department. He is also our best sound engineer and is always willing to share tips and tricks on mixing.  If you're looking to hire, you will most likely be contacted by Heath.
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Carrina Bowe – Lighting Designer and Operator.
Carrina has recently joined the Eventstreaming team and has experience in Lighting design and operating. She's responsible for some of our design, promo, and has been thrown in the deep end doing a bit of coding. She's basically a glorified water girl ;)
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So there it is. If you want great LiveStreaming, Sound and/or Lighting along with good honest advice give us a call on